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Standard Macros and Other Convenience Methods

RubyFrontier includes a number of convenience methods, to be called as needed during macros to assist with common tasks.

NOTE: Where these methods are located in RubyFrontier’s code, and how they are called, depends in part upon how Frontier did these things (since I wanted to make my own transition from Frontier to RubyFrontier as easy as possible). Not all Frontier convenience methods have been provided, and RubyFrontier does some things differently from Frontier. But this could all evolve further in future, and meanwhile, since this is Ruby, it’s very easy to add your own methods and inject them into the relevant classes (the user.rb file is a good place to do this).

The macros are shown as they might be called in a macro under the rules of macro scoping.

Typically used in the template

Typically used in the page header

Typically used in the page body (or template) or macros

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This documentation prepared by Matt Neuburg, phd = matt at tidbits dot com (, using RubyFrontier.
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