RubyFrontier Documentation

RubyFrontier Documentation

What Is RubyFrontier?

It’s a way of maintaining and generating Web sites.

It imitates UserLand Frontier, but it’s written in Ruby.

It presently uses TextMate (a superb writing / programming tool, and very nimble when dealing with a big hierarchy of files). In a sense that means RubyFrontier is Mac-only, though there isn’t any a priori reason for this (since Ruby is platform-agnostic).

It’s not a GUI tool and it’s not for non-programmers (it’s about using Ruby to make the fancy stuff happen in the Web site, such as navigation bars and such).

You might like to watch this screencast showing RubyFrontier in action.

Here is some further description of what RubyFrontier is.

Want to see a Web site of about 150 heavily interlinked pages with great navigation, made with RubyFrontier? Check out the Script Debugger online help.

Why RubyFrontier?

That’s a big subject, so I deal with it on a different page.

How Do I Use RubyFrontier?

Ah. I thought you’d never ask. Here are the technical details.

Too Much Info. How Do I Just Get Started?

My friend Johnny told me to include this section. Here’s how I actually start writing a new Web site with RubyFrontier. And don’t forget to watch the screencast; in it, I demonstrate making the initial pages of a Web site.

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This documentation prepared by Matt Neuburg, phd = matt at tidbits dot com (, using RubyFrontier.
Download RubyFrontier from GitHub.