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Creating a New Source Folder

You’re going to make a Web site. In particular, you’re going to make the source folder for a Web site; RubyFrontier will generate (render) the actual Web site from this. The easiest way to start is to begin with a copy of an existing source folder. RubyFrontier includes one:

  1. In TextMate, choose RubyFrontier > New Site. You’ll be shown a dialog asking you to choose a folder.

  2. In the dialog, navigate someplace appropriate for the new site folder to be created. The Desktop might be a good place.

  3. Still in the dialog, click New Folder. Create and name the new source folder. The dialog has now put you into the newly created source folder.

  4. Click Choose.

  5. The source folder contents will be created inside your source folder…

  6. …and a TextMate project window will open, displaying the source folder in the TextMate project browser. From now on, when you want to work on your Web site, just open this same folder / project in TextMate and work from there.

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This documentation prepared by Matt Neuburg, phd = matt at tidbits dot com (, using RubyFrontier.
Download RubyFrontier from GitHub.