Script Debugger provides convenient ways to view and navigate the structure of your AppleScript code in a script window.

Jump By Handler

To jump from handler to handler, successively:

The navigation bar (above the text area in a script window) has two functions:

The Editor preference “Show navigation bar location when scrolling” causes a tooltip, similar to the navigation bar contents, to appear when you scroll your script. The tooltip shows the location of the top of the visible portion of the script.

You can show and hide the navigation bar, to save space. To do so:

The same table of contents menu that pops up in the navigation bar also appears in the contextual menu. Control-click in the text area and choose Go To. The same modifier keys work (Option and Shift) if you hold them while summoning the contextual menu.


A marker is a comment in your script that appears in the table of contents menu so that you can easily jump to it. Markers always appear first in the table of contents menu.

If line contains a marker, a “droplet” symbol appears in the gutter:


Go To Line External Editor