Editing and Navigation


Script Debugger provides tools to make editing and navigating your script as fast and effortless as possible.


Script Debugger helps you create, view, and select block structure and delimiter pairs.

Script Debugger helps you type. It completes AppleScript terms for you, plus you can define your own text substitutions. And there are other miscellaneous helpful typing and selection features.

You can easily insert a tell block, or any common control structure or other boilerplate, into your script. You can also insert content from the Finder or a dictionary window or explorer window to save typing.

You can paste a string literal, shift indentation levels, add or remove comments, and interchange tab and space characters.

If all of that isn’t enough, you can edit your script with an external editor.

Script Debugger has powerful find-and-replace features.

You can split a script window’s editing area, so as to view and edit multiple regions of your script simultaneously.

You can jump to a line by number, or navigate to a section of code within your script by means of the table of contents menu.

Further Details:
  Block Structure
Text Completion
Text Substitution
Miscellaneous Typing and Selection
Tell Blocks and Terms Blocks
Inserting Content
Splitting the Editor
Go To Line
External Editor

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