In debug mode, execution of your script will pause if the path of execution encounters an enabled breakpoint. When a script pauses at a breakpoint, it pauses before executing the breakpointed line.

imagePlaces where you can set a breakpoint are shown as “executable” arrows in the gutter of the script window.

Setting and Removing Breakpoints

To set a breakpoint:

A breakpoint marker appears in the gutter.


To remove a breakpoint:

To remove all breakpoints:

You can create a breakpoint only in debug mode, but the breakpoint is not lost if you leave debug mode — it will still be there the next time you switch to debug mode. Breakpoints are saved when you save a compiled script in debug mode. They are lost when you save a compiled script in normal mode and close the script.

Enabling and Disabling Breakpoints

A breakpoint can be enabled or disabled. A disabled breakpoint doesn’t act like a breakpoint, but it’s not removed, either, so you can enable it later if you like. A disabled breakpoint’s marker is transparent; an enabled breakpoint’s marker is solid.

To disable a breakpoint:


To enable a breakpoint:

You can also disable the entire breakpoint mechanism. If the breakpoint mechanism is disabled, breakpoint markers are shown in grey. If the breakpoint mechanism is enabled, breakpoint markers are shown in color. To disable the breakpoint mechanism:


To enable the breakpoint mechanism:

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